Born in Portland, Oregon. Owns his own design studio, think+believe+create. Lover of cats, soccer, and Sriracha sauce.


Born in Spencer, Iowa. Teaches her third grade students how to be problem solvers and world changers. Lover of books, chocolate, and bubble baths.


Born in Soweto, South Africa. Stole our hearts on October 30, 2014. Champion of the deep belly laugh. Lover of blueberries, evening dance parties, and the color yellow. 



Beagle extraordinaire. Spent her first three years in an animal testing facility, but was released thanks to the the Beagle Freedom Project. Lover of squirrels, soft blankets, and freedom. 


Warrior princess. Found on the side of the road with a broken jaw, broken nose, and injured eye. Lover of head butts, lamplight, and batting toys under the door. 


Survivor. Found under a bush in Brooklyn with a broken pelvis and two broken legs. Learned how to walk again by chasing his cat siblings. Lover of birds, chin scratches, and sleeping in the sunshine.


Sassy pants. Lone survivor from a raccoon attack. Came back with a vengeance. Lover of catnip, lettuce, and playing fetch.


Sweet, sweet soul. Found under a porch in Queens with her brother, Otis. Lover of treats, affection, and watching for chipmunks. 


King of the house. Found under a porch in Queens with his sister, Rosemary. Lover of counter surfing, meowing loudly, and sleeping in his Daddy's arms.