Remembering South Africa

And just like that, we've been home for nine weeks already! The time has flown by, as we knew it would. Next week marks the end of my "maternity leave," and thus the end of our cocooning phase. Although we've all been getting a bit restless these last few weeks, I know that this time home together was exactly what we all needed.

We've learned how to bend and grow together, and can see that Hula now feels safe and secure. She still asks "Am I staying with you forever?" at least once each day, but now does so with a wide, knowing grin. We understand each other's humor now, and have started to stockpile inside jokes. Hula has even started to ask for older siblings! She is happy and healthy and thriving

I'd like to start sharing updates and snippets of our daily happenings here at home, but realized that I never actually finished sharing about our time in South Africa. And yet, the thought of doing that seems a bit overwhelming--in part because the time we spent there was so much more than just a collection of stories to be shared. It was both the end of a long chased-after dream, and the beginning of a love story more perfect than any I could have ever dreamed up. And so, I've decided to let the photos from our trip speak for themselves. 

Hanging out at the Ilali House:


Playing at Zoo Lake Park:


Family Court Day:


Visiting the Hector Pieterson Memorial and Mandela House in Soweto:


Lesedi African Lodge and Cultural Village:


Heading home: