Signs of K

We are so, so close. Our paperwork has cleared here in the U.S., and our case has been sent to the U.S. Embassy in South Africa. All that remains now is to secure a family court date in Johannesburg. The courts have been closed due to the holiday, but are expected to reopen soon. Our program director says that we may hear word of our court date this week, and that it's quite possible that we'll travel later this month. Ahh! We've researched flights, have a guest room on hold, and have our bags set out. We are as ready as we'll ever be!

As I walk through our house, I'm struck by how much has changed since we said "YES!" to K. There are signs of her upcoming arrival everywhere. The cupboards are stocked and the closets are full. There are little step stools in both of our bathrooms, and a booster seat at our dining room table. We've reshuffled the contents of our lives, and our hearts, to make room for three. 

We are bursting with anticipation as we wait for our travel call. Until then, here are some fun photos that capture our last two months of waiting and preparing for our sweet daughter.