Crazy Awesome

I think it's fair to say that this has been a crazy week. Crazy unexpected. Crazy busy. But mostly, crazy awesome. Last Wednesday, January 7th, our program director called me to tell me that we had our court date! However, they weren't sure if we'd be able to keep it. I asked why, and he explained that we'd have to arrive in country within a week, which meant leaving in FIVE DAYS. Gulp. Without missing a beat I assured him, "We'll make it happen. We'll be there."

I hung up the phone and instantly the crazy began! I sent my husband a text telling him to start packing, and my mom a text telling her to turn around and head back out to New York (she had just returned to Iowa after spending Christmas out here).We booked plane tickets by the end of the day, and ordered tiny shoes for K (which came with a hefty express delivery fee!). On Thursday we confirmed our hotel reservation and began packing. 

The universe must have decided to do me a favor, because we ended up having snow days on Friday and Monday. This gave me a little bit of extra time to pack and finalize last minute details (well, okay, and to snuggle Frannie). The snow days also meant that I had to get creative and find ways to meet with my leave replacement who will be taking over my classroom for the next three months. One of our meetings happened yesterday at the nail salon! I decided it may be my last chance at a pedicure for quite some time ;) After finishing up at the nail salon, I noticed that my ear was starting to throb. I stopped in at the urgent care, only to find out that I have strep throat. Ummm... not how I planned to spend the last night before leaving! But I have meds now, so all is good. 

My fingers are flying as I try to finish this before we have to head out. We leave for the airport in 30 minutes! We'll be flying from Albany to Atlanta this morning, then have a five hour layover before boarding for Jo'burg at 8:30PM. We'll land in Jo'burg on Wednesday evening, and should get to meet our daughter on Thursday morning. Ahhh! This is really happening. 

Thank you all so much for your incredible support and encouragement. We are humbled to be here now, at this point, after two years of dreaming and hoping and planning. We can't wait to share this next part of the journey with all of you.

We're coming sweet girl!