To Andrea

You were the first person who taught me how to be both elegant and independent.


You sat with me on the back steps and talked to me about the big things we'd do someday.

You wore fancy dresses with me.

And matching Mickey Mouse sweatshirts. 

You indulged me with your bubble beards, even after the water got cold.


And held my hand on the first day of school.

You posed with me for ridiculous photos like this.

And rocked straight bangs with me before they were cool.

You agreed to play "Mom and Dad," and let me wear the fun costume.

You learned the entire "Dirty Dancing" dance with me, and always let me be Patrick.

You shared my love for big bags.

(I mean, REALLY big bags)

And helped me pick out really awesome denim shorts.

You let me copy your hair style, and didn't make fun of me when mine turned out like this.

And even agreed to take these awesome matching senior photos.

What more can I say?

Without you, I wouldn't be me.

Happy Birthday Sister.

I love you for always.