Join Us On Our Journey to South Africa!

Adoption can be many things - joy, love, loss, beauty... and also, expensive! There are legal documents to file, court cases to prepare, and endless amounts of paperwork to process before a child can enter our country legally and ethically. Despite the high costs, Ryan and I have always agreed that the opportunity to parent a child who needs a family is priceless. Little by little, we've been saving up for this adoption for the past three years. We've prided ourselves on paying each fee by ourselves, since we know that this is a lifestyle choice we are choosing. 

And yet, through this journey we've also learned that community is a very important part of adoption. We need to allow others to share in this process with us. In that way, it becomes more than just our story - it becomes a story of what we are all doing, in whatever ways we are able, to reshape this broken world.

We feel so lucky and blessed to have all of you surrounding us. You have been there from the beginning, supporting and cheering us on. And we know that you are all ready to welcome home our sweet children, whoever they may be, with open arms and open hearts. 

And so, we'd like to invite all of you to join us as we prepare to welcome our little ones home soon! We've teamed up with Hiho Batik in our old neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn to offer you what we think are two awesomely designed t-shirts. All of the shirts are handmade onsite in their Brooklyn store, using 100% cotton materials and the ancient art of batik using wax and dyes to create an image.

Africa Primary Shirt

Africa Primary Shirt

Africa Bright Shirt

Africa Bright Shirt


So, here's how this works:

1) Click here to purchase one or more of our awesomely designed Africa shirts, available for infants, kids, and adults! (If you prefer the old-school method of sending a check in the mail, no worries - just email me at to place your order.)

2) After receiving your order, I'll add your name to the back of the shirt I'll be wearing on our journey to South Africa so that, in essence, you can all travel with us! 

3) You eagerly await the arrival of your awesomely designed shirt! I'll be placing the orders at the end of the week. Since each shirt is handmade and then sent to me to ship out, you should expect to wait 3-5 weeks from the time the order is placed until your shirt arrives.

4) On the day we travel home with our children, we'll be asking each of you to show your support by wearing your shirts! We're also hoping to gather photos of all of you awesome people wearing your awesome shirts, so that we can show our children just how many people have been waiting for them and loving them home. 

Thank you all for being a part of this exciting journey! We're on the home stretch now, and can't wait to celebrate our referral with all of you in the months to come. 


Jenny & Ryan

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” 
― Mother Teresa