Good To Be Home

I had to sneak out of bed early to type this. (Yes, 8:30 AM on a Saturday morning is early for us- we're not parents yet!) When we moved into the new house, we decided to put my "office" in a spare bedroom on the second floor. This is all good and dandy, except the wireless connection up there is SO. PAINFULLY. SLOW. Just checking my email is now an arduous task. We called the cable company to come and work their magic upstairs, but then cancelled the service call when we looked at our bank statements.

It turns out moving was not cheap. Duh. But for real, wow! This "growing up" thing is not always easy. We closed on our house in late April, then had to pay both our mortgage and Brooklyn rent for the next three months. Silly us, we also thought we'd buy some furniture to fill up the house. Now we have a half-furnished house and are feeling broke. Oh, and our next massive adoption payment is due in a few weeks. Hence, I continue to suffer with a slow internet connection. A mama must have priorities.

Speaking of the adoption, we've made some major progress in the last month. But for every step forward, of course there have been a few steps back. Our dossier paperwork is nearly done, which is a HUGE accomplishment. We've visited the local notary so many times that I think she now hides when she sees us coming in. The only items we're waiting on now are my FBI fingerprint clearance letter and our finalized home study.

Our home study has been on hold for a few weeks, since our social worker began to have serious doubts about approving us for ages 0-7. We can understand having doubts about this-- adopting an older child is surely not the easiest path. And we know she has our best interests at heart. But to be questioned about our intentions so late in the process was hard. We met with our social worker and home study agency director to plead our case. They questioned us for two hours. Why not just make this easy on yourselves and adopt a baby? You can't save the world. What are you going to do when you hit rock bottom? Are you prepared for this to destroy your marriage?

I've never been so grateful to be married to the steadiest man on earth. If I had been in that meeting alone, I surely would have fought to my death. But Ryan kept the conversation calm and focused. He explained our hearts and reassured them that we do know the risks. And yes, we are certain that we still want to do this. Down to our bones certain. They finally agreed to approve us for one child age 0-7 or a sibling pair ages 0-5.

And so, we're back to waiting. Waiting for the last bits of paperwork to come through so that we can send off our dossier. Waiting to be officially placed on AGCI's Ethiopian wait list (how ironic is that?) Waiting to be matched with a child or sibling pair. Waiting to fill up this half-furnished house with the sounds of laughter and chasing feet and newly-learned words and healing tears. 

And as we wait, we remind ourselves of the simple things that have made our new life here so good. Fresh radishes straight from the garden. Happy pigs at the nearby farm sanctuary. My sweet nephew chasing storm clouds. We're living out a beautiful story here, and it's only just begun. It feels good to be home.