In bloom

We have been busy this week working through our home study requirements. We schlepped our cats to the vet to "verify their health," started our required online education, scheduled physicals, and tracked down every address we've lived at for the past 28 years. Check, check, check, check. A few days ago we also took the morning off to complete our FBI fingerprints at our local precinct. Needless to say, I spent most of that day grumbling to anyone who would listen about what a pain it is that we have to gather all of these documents to prove that we're fit to be parents. 

Later that evening while walking home from the grocery store, I stumbled upon these flowers in bloom. I had to stop and catch my breath because they were just so pretty.  Somewhere in the midst of chasing down our paperwork, spring had arrived! And with it, as always, comes the promise of new beginnings. Thank you, yellow flowers, for reminding me that this process is about so much more than checking items off our list.