'Tis the Season

This week has been full of good, sweet happenings. To start, my little niece Meryl was born early Thursday morning. She's the first girl to join the family, and my oh my is she ever darling. I fell instantly in love. Before meeting her, my husband and I wondered if holding an itty bitty newborn would make us question our decision to adopt an older child. But it didn't at all. Instead, we felt this amazing sense of peace. Peace that we get to be in Meryl's life and watch her grow, and peace that we will get to cradle and love a child who has undoubtedly had to grow up way too quickly.

Following Meryl's birth, we decided to put up a few Christmas decorations. We're not typically the "festive" holiday type, but seeing as it's our fist Christmas in our new home and Ryan's father is coming to visit from Portland next week, we decided it couldn't hurt to string a few lights. My sweet mama also stitched us some new stockings for our growing family. If you look closely, you'll see that the one in the middle doesn't yet have a name. Wouldn't it be amazing if we knew who our little one was before Christmas? We're not counting on it and are content to wait, but it does make me smile to think that one day soon my mama will be stitching the name of her newest grandchild onto that stocking.

The goodness continued on Friday when we received an update from AGCI's Ethiopia program. Included were photos of three older children recently referred to their forever families. It made me incredibly happy to hear that they were able to place them so quickly. The update also said that AGCI is pursuing new partnerships with orphanages that place children with special needs and/or HIV. Yes, yes yes. This is what we've been hoping to hear for the past few months. Finally, we also got word that a new little boy who fits our parameters recently arrived at our agency's transition home. It's too early to know whether or not we'll receive his referral, but our hearts are full of hope.

'Tis the season!